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We are able to arrange any medical procedure except for emergency life saving procedures. In the following chart you can compare the approximate prices of the same treatments in the UK and USA and in the Czech Republic.

UK CZ Savings US CZ Savings
Breast augmentation £ 4.400 £ 1.700 £ 2.700 $ 6.100  $2.650 $ 3.450
Carpal tunnel realease £ 1.300 £ 600 £ 700 $ 8.300 $ 1.230 $ 7.070
Coronary bypass £ 14.000 £ 4.500  £ 9.500 $ 21.000 $ 10.000 $ 11.000
Dental - caeramic crowns £ 600 £ 200  £ 400 $ 920 $ 350 $ 570
Dental implant £ 2.000 £ 1.200  £ 800 $ 2.200 $ 1.800 $ 400
Face Lift £ 6.500 £ 2.100  4.400 $ 8.300 $ 3.200 $ 5.100
Haemeroid removals £ 2.000 £ 600  £ 1.400 $ 1.800 $ 930 $ 870
Hip replacement £ 8.000 £ 4.400  £ 3.600 $ 23.500 $ 7.800 $15.700
Liposuction £ 3.000 £ 1.600  £ 1.400 $ 4.200 $ 2.500 $ 1.700
Tummy tuck £ 4.700 £ 2.100  £ 2.600 $ 8.000 $ 3.200 $ 4.800
Eyelid surgery (upper+lower) £ 4.800 £ 1.900  £ 2.900 $ 5.500 $ 3.000 $ 2.500


The most often organised treatments by us are:


Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a very preferred procedure by ladies. It is necessary to send some photos of your breast to your surgeon to let him determine range of possibilities of augmentation and mainly if your request to augmentation is realistic and possible. Do not be affraid of your private photos misuse. Surgeon and medical tourism agency always ack as professionals and they can never commit misuse of your photos.




Facelift reduces appearances of face and neck aging. To organize successfully this treatment you should be in good health condition and good skin condition on the face. You can undergo pre-operation treatment at your home GP. Its results together with your detailed photo will then be sent to the hospital where your operation will be done. Facelift is a very popular operation.




There exist several types of Liposuction. Invasive liposuction and non-invasive liposuction. Hereafter it is possible to order Liposuction done by ultrasound. But its results are often worse than results of classic Liposuction when fat is sucked up directly from problematic parts of your body.


Upper eyelid surgery


This is a very easy operation which can rapidly better your look. By this operation is superfluous skin and fat nearby eyelids. Operation is done by local anaesthesia and it is possible to change upper and lower eyelid together by one operation. After operation bruises appears very often. It is absolutely usual, and bruises will disappear in 3 weeks after operation.


Tummy tuck


Tummy tuck is another method of weight-loose procedures. It takes longer time and is more expensive than liposuction. Thanks to this method your tummy gets smaller.


Hip replacement


This treatment is one of the most complicated that is why it is not possible to say generally if it is suitable to undergo it abroad or at your home hospital. By ordering this treatment it is absolutely necessary to provide your medical tourism agency with all correct information about your current health condition. Providing of incorrect information can bring determination of incorrect rehabilitation procedures, incorrect estimation of time needed to make operation and it can cause fundamental prolongation of your stay abroad.


Dental ceramic crowns


In dental tourism industry dental crowns are a very popular treatment. In these days healthy teeths are not only an aesthetic requirement but also a social need. For application of ceramic crowns it is necessary to consult with your GP if you are a suitable candidate. It is necessary to have healthy stub of teeth where the dental ceramic crown will be applicated. By providing incorrect information about your health condition you can find out abroad that you are not a suitable candidate.


Dental implants

Contrary to dental ceramic crowns dental implants replace missing teeth. They are fitted directly in the bone, similarly as tooth root. For its application it is not necessary to brush or make other adjustments with subsidiary teeth which is a disadvantage of ceramic crowns application. If the dental implant is made by using high quality materials and if it is fixed into healthy bone it can be engaged as quality replacement of teeth for tens of years.