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1. What is Medical Tourism and what are its advantages?
Medical tourism, simply said, is organizing trips for patients who want to get medical treatment abroad in order to save money. The same procedure in central and eastern European countries costs tens of percent less than in western Europe. The quality of treatments and proficiency of medical staff is comparable.

2. What are the disadvantages of Medical Tourism?
A medical trip can be stressful for patients that dislike traveling. In Medica Vacations we try to eliminate all stress. We can arrange everything that is necessary for a successful and pleasant medical trip for you – flight tickets, taxi, accommodation for your companions, etc.

3. Does Medical Tourism have other advantages besides financial savings?
The main advantage is a huge opportunity to save money. Almost every procedure is significantly more expensive in western Europe than in easter Europe, even after taking traveling expenses (flight tickets, hotel, etc.) into account. Another unquestionable advantage is the short waiting period for medical treatment in popular medical tourism destinations. Many patients want to take their family or friends on the medical trip with them. Not only you will have support from your companions but at the same time you can spend time in a beautiful area which can be prolonged due to physiotherapy or a stay in one of the famous Czech Spa centres.

4. Can I arrange medical tourism on my own or should I turn to a mediator?
Anyone can arrange their own medical trip however it may not be risk free. Reliable Medical tourism agencies cooperate with competent doctors and prestigious clinics. Agencies work in the desired destination and know local hospitals better than individual travelers and they can guarantee the quality of treatment.

5. What procedures/treatments can I have arranged via medical tourism?
It is possible to use medical tourism for all procedures except for the emergency ones. It is always necessary to consult your health condition and a medical trip either with your doctor or with a Medical tourism agency.

6. What should I do before I set off on a Medical Trip?
You should visit your doctor to get information about your current health condition and consult upon your procedure before taking a medical trip.  This information is required by the Medical Tourism agency and forwarded to the doctors so that together they can plan the medical trip and the best medical help.

7. How can I arrange the after treatment procedures? (physiotherapy, etc.)
This is individual and based on the particular type of procedure and your health condition. Shorter physiotherapy can be undergone in your medical trip destination, longer physiotherapy can be arranged in your hometown.

8. Is the hospital I shall be treated at fully qualified and can't it worsen my health condition?
If you choose to use services of a Medical tourism agency you can rest assured. Agencies cooperate with prestigious hospitals only.

9. What is the standard of Czech medical facilities?
Czech health service has a very high standard. Treatments are available, of high quality and doctors and nurses are qualified. Czech medical chamber supervises their qualification and doctors in the Czech Republic are required to be its members. The fact that medical personnel is qualified is supported by one of the oldest medical universities, established 1348, located in Prague. Our agency has contracts with university hospitals as well.

10. How will I communicate in hospital? Does the personnel speak foreign languages?
Most of the medical personnel speak English. If you have a problem communicating with doctors or nurses you will be able to contact our agency and we will help you with translation.

11. Who will be liable for eventual harm to my health during the procedure?
According to the code of law the doctor or hospital where you are treated is liable for any harm to your health. Our agency will participate in solving your complaint and upon request it will act as a mediator between you and the hospital.

12. How long will the medical trip last?
It depends on the type of the procedure and your current health condition.

13. Can I combine the medical trip with a normal vacation?
If your health condition allows you to do so then yes, however it is always necessary to arrange the details of your vacation individually and based on your health condition.

14. Can my family or friends join me on the medical trip?
Yes. We even recommend that. The presence of family in a foreign country where you undergo a medical procedure can help you reduce stress. We will take care of them by arranging accommodation in a hotel close to the hospital where you'll be undergoing the procedure so that they can visit you often. In our agency you can even order Czech “pay as you go” sim cards to be able to call each other frequently and cheaply.

15. How many companions can I take on the trip with me?
That depends on you, we do not have a limit for companions. However it is important to take into account that none of your companions can be accommodated directly in the hospital if they will not be undergoing a procedure.