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Terms & Conditions

1. Opening clause

Travel agency Medica Vacations arranges services related to medical tourism. Accommodation, transport, flight tickets, medical treatments, surgery procedures and other related services (hereafter services) of contractual partners – third parties (hereafter service providers).

 2. Contractual relationship

  1. Medica Vacations is a mediator for clients and third-party service providers.
  2. Contractual relationship is established between the client and the particular service provider (hospital, airline, etc.)

3. Price and method of payment

The client is always informed about the expected price before a binding order is made. The client accepts the possibility of the price being increased due to health complications related to client’s health condition.

The price is always paid to the particular service provider (hotel, hospital, airline, etc.) and using the method arranged. Usually it is paid with credit card, by bank transfer or in cash. Other methods can be arranged individually.

4. Payment Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, the client is obliged to pay for the ordered services in advance.

5. Withdrawal from the contract, cancellation fees and modification of the ordered services

  1. The client may fully or partially withdraw from the contract, which was signed via AGP, with a third party – service provider without stating the reason. However the client will have to pay the cancellation fee in the amount established in the contract.
  2. Every notification of a full or partial withdrawal from the contract (hereafter cancellation) is to be done in a written form via e-mail or fax. The date used to work out the cancellation fee is the date Medica Vacations receives the cancellation.

6. Responsibility of Medica Vacations

  1. Medica Vacations is not a part of the contract between the client and its contractual partners – third parties providing services (service providers).
  2. Medica Vacations is not responsible for any damage which arises in context of provided services.
  3. Medica Vacations does not guarantee that the description of the service is complete or accurate and only uses the information given by the service provider.
  4. Medica Vacations guarantees neither that the services will be provided nor that they will be carried out in the form arranged between the client and a third party providing services mediated by Medica Vacations.

Medica Vacations is not responsible for any breach of contract by the third party providing services.

  1. Any damage responsibility claims related to the services are to be enforced directly on the third party providing those services.
  2. Medica Vacations is not responsible for the content of the offers of third parties providing the services on the website or any breach of rights of third parties which could be caused by the offers (intellectual property right, personality right, etc.)
  3. Medica Vacations will participate in eventual claims upon client’s request.
  4. Medica Vacations is not responsible for financial refunds for services paid to the service provider via Medica Vacations .
  5. Medica Vacations is not bound to provide alternative services to any services not provided by a third party service provider in accordance with the contract.
  6. Providing services can be amended by general terms of service or specific terms of the service provider.


7. Final provisions

  1. These general business and payment conditions (GBPC) and the relationship between the client and Medica Vacations in a relation to arranging services abide the code of law of an EU member state – the Czech Republic. By making a contract arranged by Medica Vacations the client confirms that they have read and agreed with the GBPC.
  2. Invalid individual articles do not affect the general validity of the GBPC.


8. Personal data protection

  1. Protection of personal data is regulated in the Czech Republic by law Nr. 101/2000. In accordance with this law the client enables Medica Vacations to process and store their personal data, which is collected during order processing. Personal data can be processed for unlimited period and is safely processed in an electronic database. Medica Vacations is prohibited from providing any third party with this data.
  2. The option of using personal data to contact the client with an offer of services or other messages from Medica Vacations has to be approved by the client. This separate agreement can be bestowed in a written form or in the confirmation of order and the on-line payment process on the Medica Vacations website.